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About Us

The Where │ Our Beginning

The journey began with a question, "How do you say 'can I please have a diet coke' in French?" From that point forward, we’ve remained best friends. It wasn’t until 14 years later that we decided our skills and ambitious spirits could guide our newest venture: The Bottom Line.

We’ve both come to the table with different financial histories and together we create the yin and yang where we feel our experiences will help the Millennial generation gain independence through knowledge.

Through endless nights, countless bottles of champagne & way too much takeout, The Bottom Line was born.

The Who │ KBS & EMK

For KBS, love for money management research & financial literacy came about from her background in math and economics. Her professional experience in the financial services industry gives her a unique insight worth sharing. When paired with EMK’s profession as a marketing specialist and web designer, as well as her creative nature & eye for detail, TBL became a reality for these two New Jersey natives.

The What │ The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line came about when we realized there was a gap in the market for financial literacy. Through a weekly newsletter, TBL will deliver the most important financial concepts in easy-to-understand terms. Additionally, TBL will read and compile the most important financial news headlines with a breakdown of what you need to know and understand. Together, TBL will be your one-stop resource for all things financial literacy, helping you create a brighter financial future.

TBL wants to expose the realities of red by driving home major money management and lifestyle topics that will help you become financially independent.

The Bottom Line is… everything in life has a trade off. What’s yours?

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